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Commercial Cleaning Solutions

We provide professional deep cleaning services to businesses throughout Dublin. We specialise in deep cleaning high traffic locations, such as restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs and commercial kitchen and restrooms


Deep Cleaning Solutions for your Business

We provide regular deep clean services for our clients which make daily cleaning easier and quicker, and remove odours, stains and dust and soil.

We work with our clients to ensure that there is as little disruption to business as possible, and we work weekend and unsocial hours where required.


24/7 Cleaning Services

We understand that our clients cannot close during normal working hours, especially in the hospitality industry, so we accommodate clients by providing Weekend and Unsocial Hours Cleaning services, 24 hours per day, EVERY day!

24/7 Services

Need Professional Cleaning Products & Equipment?

Our Cleaning Product supply company is one of Ireland’s premiere quality cleaning product and cleaning equipment suppliers, so click below to find out more.

Sanitising Fogging Service

Using the latest sanitising systems, we can fully transport a finely atomised surface sanitising solution across large areas and equipment. Our sanitiser kills 99.9% of bacteria, spores, viruses, and fungi on contact – including COVID-19, Clostridium difficile, MRSA, and Norovirus.

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Commercial Cleaning Solutions provide the very best in professional deep cleaning for your business premises.  Using state of the art cleaning machines and eco-friendly cleaning products, we give our clients 100% for each and every job carried out.  We specialise in deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery and curtains, and stone tile and hardwood floor cleaning.  We also provide deep cleans for commercial kitchens and restrooms to HACCP standards.
Our Mission Statement is simply to provide excellent services at competitive prices.  Each of our commercial clients has their own Sales Executive assigned to them to ensure fast turnaround times, great communication and fantastic results.

We understand that your business may be open to the public most of the time and we can provide Unsocial Hours and Weekend services to our clients, into the wee hours of the morning at times.  Our skilled team are always aware of our customers’ requirements in relation to noise levels, and we clean up as we go.

  • Hotel, Restaurant & Bar Cleaning Services 100%
  • Factory Deep Cleaning 100%
  • Commercial Kitchen & Restroom Deep Cleaning 100%
  • Astro Turf Specialist Cleaning 100%
  • Stone Tile Deep Cleaning & Restoration 100%

Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

High Traffic Areas attract dirt and dust, and regular deep cleans of carpets, upholstery and flooring gives a cleaner fresher look and feel, with protectant forming a barrier against further soiling.  Our commercial cleaning products are also eco-friendly and non-toxic to safe to use in areas where your employees or guests work, eat and sleep.

Commercial Kitchen & Bathroom Deep Clean

Our trained teams perform deep cleaning for commercial kitchens, bathrooms and changing rooms, on a regular basis. Our Food Grade products are safe to use in Commercial Kitchens.

Commercial Stone and Marble Cleaning

Ensure your entrance steps, stone paving and marble tiles retain their beautiful natural colour and condition.  We use cutting edge equipment and gently effective cleaning products to remove stains, grime and odours, and apply protective sealant to ensure your marble and stone repel stains.

Contact us today to see how we can help your business

We quote on a job by job basis depending on size, level of soiling and access.  We also provide regular deep cleaning services which means a better price for you as well as great looking premises!

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help your business stay looking and feeling fresh and clean.