Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points, or HACCP as it is more commonly known, has become the industry required standard for all food handling, processing or preparation premises.  Since 1998, HACCP legislation has been monitored and enforced by the HSE and the Food Safety Authority.

To implement a food safety management system for your business you must incorporate the HACCP guidelines and principles.


We can arrange a regular deep clean schedule for your premises and we can work unsocial hours and weekends where required.  We understand your business requires as little disruption or downtime as possible so we do our best to accommodate our clients.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a systematic approach to identifying and controlling hazards (i.e. microbiological, chemical or physical) that could pose a danger to the preparation of safe food. HACCP involves:

  • Identifying what can go wrong
  • Planning to prevent it
  • Making sure you are doing it

In simple terms, it involves controlling the safety of ingredients and supplies coming into a food business and what is done with them thereafter.

Commercial Cleaning Solutions offers a comprehensive range of colour coded cleaning equipment manufactured specifically to clean hygienically sensitive areas in food factories, dairies, catering establishments and hospitals. Equipment is generally available in five colours to assist departmental or food-type segregation, and in the implementation of HACCP systems.

Our Food Grade range of cleaners, degreasers and sanitisers are non-toxic products. When used as part of a documented cleaning program, such as HACCP, these products provide a 99.99% kill of all known germs and bacteria.

What are Critical Control Points?

Critical Control Points are points of the food industry process where control systems must be in place to ensure no contamination or other bacteria related issues arise.

Food Premises Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of food preparation areas, and all surrounding areas in a factory or industrial premises must be upkept to the highest of cleanliness standards.

Deep Clean Staff Washroom Canteen Changing Rooms

To compliment your daily cleaning schedules, our deep cleaning services will improve your hygiene standards, degrease any hazardous areas, hygienically clean staff washrooms, canteen or changing areas.


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