Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Hotel and Restaurant Cleaning Services Dublin. Hotels and Restaurants have a high volume of foot traffic and carpets in heavy traffic areas become dull, stained and full of dust and dirt.

Regular vacuuming is a given in any hotel or restaurant, however, Commercial Cleaning Solutions provide a deep clean and protectant service to safety remove stains and odours,

Our specialist deep cleaning services, used in conjunction with your regular daily cleaning routine, enhance the look, feel and smell of your carpets and ensure that your premises looks its best at all times

Many of our Hotelier and Restaurateur clients get us in every fortnight to ensure that their carpets are kept clean and fresh.  We also provide stain removal – invaluable for when that bottle of Claret falls onto your carpet!

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Hotel and Restaurant upholstery suffers a lot of wear and tear, with a constant flow of different people, not to mention food and drink spillages.

Commercial Cleaning Solutions provide deep cleaning services for your commercial upholstery, to revive colours, remove odours and stains and protect your fabrics from future stains (for up to six months).

Using eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products and the latest cleaning equipment, our results speak for themselves, and we have many clients who use our services on a regular or semi-regular basis to ensure their upholstery remains looking its best.

Using a very low moisture cleaning process, we can treat even the most delicate of fabrics without damage, including silk, velvet and leather.

Commercial Curtain and Blinds Cleaning

Curtain cleaning can be inconvenient at the best of times, and for Hoteliers and Restaurateurs, the amount of curtains and blinds in your premises can be difficult to remove and deliver for cleaning and also rehang once the cleaning is done.

Commercial Cleaning Solutions clean your curtains and blinds IN SITU so that you don’t have to remove or rehang them, as we use very low moisture cleaning processes to remove all dirt, dust and odours, and your curtains are touch dry within two hours.

Our process is especially welcome in hotels where your guest would never want to stay in a room without curtains for privacy.

All our products are eco-friendly and non-toxic, and are safe to use for Asthmatics, as there are no harmful chemicals left once the curtains are cleaned.

We specialise in delicate and expensive fabrics, including silks, velvet and brocade.


Hotel and Restaurant Cleaning Services Dublin
Hotel and Restaurant Cleaning Services Dublin
Hotel and Restaurant Cleaning Services Dublin
Hotel and Restaurant Cleaning Services Dublin


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