We are specialist commercial office cleaning service providers and not contract cleaners in the normal sense (i.e. we don’t do a daily office cleaning service) however, we can arrange for regular maintenance cleaning services to be carried out throughout your office or business premises for specific problem areas, or high traffic areas.

Commercial Carpet Tile Cleaning

Many offices are floored with high traffic carpet tiles, which have a very short fibre and any stains can become deeply ingrained.  Our non-toxic and eco-friendly carpet cleaning products produce amazing results.

We can apply carpet protectant after a deep low-moisture carpet clean on high traffic areas or areas likely to suffer most (outside staff kitchens, inside exterior doors, etc).

Hardwood Floor and Tiled Floor Deep Cleaning and Protectant

Using Microsplitter Technology, our effective, non-toxic cleaning products remove dirt by agitating away the dirt, dust and odours accumulated.

We are stone floor specialists and we can bring any tiled or stone flooring back to its former glory and apply a protectant for the tiled and grout to create a waterproof barrier against staining for months.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

We can tackle your problem areas in staff and public bathrooms, including removing uric acid, unpleasant odours and staining around urinals, toilet bases and tiled surfaces.  Our products are  non-irritant and asthma-friendly, so are the healthy responsible choice to use around your employees.

We can arrange for any of our Office Cleaning Services to be carried out as a once off deep cleaning service or on a regular basis, depending on your requirements.  All our work is priced fairly and transparently and we offer great value for money to our customers.

Curtain Cleaning and Blinds Cleaning Services

Normal contract cleaners will vacuum, dust, polish and clean your common areas for you.  Normal cleaning services do not include deep cleaning and dust and odour removal from curtains, pelmets and window blinds in offices.

We clean curtains and blinds in situ, so there is no disruption to your privacy, and windows are not left coverless. The benefits of regular cleaning of window blinds and curtains at your office premises are both social (fresher air and no unpleasant ‘musty’ odours) and practical (asthma and eczema sufferers in the office will appreciate the lack of dust and detergents used (all our products are detergent-free and allergen-free) near their work space.

Unsocial Hours Cleaning Services

We understand that your business comes first and disrupting the processes for your staff can be an issue for any business, so we do offer out of hours services, from very early mornings to very late evenings should you require it, as well as our normal business hours services.

As our cleaning processes are low-moisture, carpets, upholstery, blinds and curtains will be touch dry in two hours.


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We quote on a job by job basis depending on size, level of soiling and access.  We also provide regular deep cleaning services which means a better price for you as well as great looking premises!

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help your business stay looking and feeling fresh and clean.