Astro Turf Cleaning by Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Quote leftHi there. It’s Carl here from Commercial Cleaning Solutions and We’re doing a quick video today about AstroTurf cleaning.

Why are we doing a video about AstroTurf cleaning? Because people keep calling us to clean AstroTurf. So, it makes sense to do a video.

So, how do we clean AstroTurf? Well, we use a sort of mix of some of our hard floor cleaning products, and some of our carpet and upholstery cleaning products, and indeed, some of our gum removal products, because sometimes there’s chewing gum in the AstroTurf, depending on the environment.

We’ve carried out AstroTurf cleaning in gyms, schools, and believe it or not, in pubs where they have it in the smoking areas. We have phenomenal results with AstroTurf cleaning. We essentially have our rinse extraction machines, our agitation machines.

So we go in, initially. We pre-spray. And we agitate to break down the bond of the soil on the AstroTurf itself, and then we rinse extract and neutralize that as we go. Again, all of our processes are eco-friendly and deliver phenomenal results.

Now, with AstroTurf, you also got to bear in mind that it doesn’t like too much moisture, ironically, considering sometimes it can be outside. It is latex-backed and sometimes, depending on the soil that it receives, it can stink. It smells like,essentially, rotting fish sometimes. So, we can generally try and neutralize that smell also. That’s not always guaranteed and not always a given that it’s there in the first instance.

There’s different sorts of AstroTurf. Some of them do have a latex backing, some, which are not really designed for outdoor use because of moisture. Some of them are designed for outdoor use and don’t have that. They have an organic, sort of, a non-rubber backing.

So, that’s pretty much it. Carl here, Commercial Cleaning Solutions and video about AstroTurf cleaning. Thank you for watching.

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