Professional Astro Turf Cleaning Dublin

Astro Turf can be used externally and in ‘garden rooms’ and smoking areas in pubs, clubs and restaurants.  It is a hard wearing material that can last for years if you maintain it properly.

The most important thing to remember about Astro Turf is that it needs specialist cleaning products and equipment, otherwise it will start to give off an odour like uric acid, which is not pleasant for your patrons!


Every job is priced according to size, level of soiling, and the number of staff we send out to complete a job.  If you have an inquiry about Astro Turf cleaning or any of our other commercial cleaning services, please contact Commercial Cleaning Solutions on 01-960 2664 to get a free quote (and advice) on how to treat your Astro Turf carpet so it lasts for years.

Professional Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Solutions have experience in deep cleaning and removing odours from Astro Turf floor coverings in various locations, including smoking areas in pubs and club, and outdoor areas also.  Our detergent-free cleaning products and state of the art equipment will leave your Astro Turf looking and smelling clean and fresh.


24/7 Cleaning Services

Many of our clients run hospitality businesses, so we can arrange to provide deep cleaning services during the weekend or very late night to very early morning, depending on when your premises are closed to the public.  We understand that the less disruption to your business, the better.

Beware of incorrect cleaning methods!

We have examined many Astro Turf carpets for clients where we have found that the previous cleaners soaked the surface with water and detergents, which eventually rots the underlay to the Astro Turf and creates a rotten odour and renders the flooring useless.  We only use low moisture and detergent-free cleaning products with our equipment to ensure this doesn’t happen.

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